Bonafide fun!!!

It’s Tuesday in the grove and things are gaining momentum .. tomorrow (Wednesday) is sign-up day for Stage 5 .. that happens at around 9 AM.  There is so much fun stuff happening throughout the campgrounds .. the Stillwater Camp tandem bike race, the Rat Camp band scramble, tons of picking, hijynx and and just plain old fun.  At 6 PM the winners from the band scramble will present their winning songs on Stage 5 followed by the fingerstyle guitar pickers hosted by Brian Hinke and then there will be some open stage time.  Then Thursday thru Saturday is nonstop music on Stage 5 which runs from 11 AM each day until  around 2 AM all three days.

We are always willing to try something new here at Stage 5 so we invite you to join us in our living room as we view some fine video entertainment starting at around dusk tonight.  So if you are a bonafide Dapper Dan man you will sure want to be here.