IMG_1111Being able to stop is a good thing when you are heading down the highway .. and after several hours and quite a few dollars Stage 5 can now stop again.  (Believe me when I say that when the pedal is depressed and gets stuck on the floor and you roll right on by your intended turn … well you get the picture)  Thanks to Art Charlet and Craig Barber for all of their help and to the Brake Shop, Bowtie Bits and O’Riellys Auto Parts for having the stuff we needed to complete the project.  New brake shoe linings, wheel cylinders and flexible brake lines on the front wheels .. new wheel cylinders and springs on the back and a new master cylinder and lots of fluid and pumping the pedal.  Additionally, Stage 5 got a new battery this year … because starting is good too.

Lining up

Haven’t posted out here for quite a while but the season is beginning to turn and that means we are beginning to turn our sights to music festivals .. Winfield, KS and Guthrie, OK are two towns on our list for this year.  As we already have our spot in line at the Cowley County Fairgrounds in Winfield.  Went down last night and did some picking with friends and also picked with some new friends.  It is such a cool fellowship of musicians under the pecan trees along the Walnut River in Winfield.  So the line up begins as does the fun .. hope to see all our friends soon.  Have a great and safe Labor Day weekend and if you call and we are not home … we will be in Winfield … our September home away from home.