Photograph by Rex Flottman, Gifted to us by Bob Redford, Rex Flottman and the Walnut Valley Festival.

Cannot remember who gave this to us .. If it was you please let us know so we can give you credit. ๐Ÿ™‚

A gift from our friends at the Stillwater Camp On our 15th Anniversary.

Clock built by Larry Junker gifted to us on our 15th year.

Oil painting by Ron Chandler 

2009 Silk Screen (done by Kenny Parks – Stillwater Camp) This one was done on our old bus.

From Joe & Joe of Bunker Hill on our 20th. This platter is 16″ diameter.

Also from Bunker Hill about our 22nd or 23rd year.

2006 – Elk Falls Pottery

2006 – Elk Falls Pottery

Purchased from Elk Falls Pottery by Stillwater Camp and gifted to us in 2006. It is a mega mug .. it holds about 1 gallon and a half.

2011 – Elk Falls Pottery. Purchased by the Stillwater Camp and gifted to our crew members.

2011 – Elk Falls Pottery – Special 25 year crew ornament.

Tie-dye tapestry made by Kathy Reed

Water color by Ron McGuinty – Gypsy Wagon days

Craig with Ron McGuinty artist (right) . Craig purchased this painting at a Kansas Acoustic Arts Association auction.

Painted by Barbara Killion (Tie-Dye Kelly’s Mom) presented to to Russell & Sherry by Bilkl Hoy and the Stage 5 Crew.

Room service hand towels. provided by the Stillwater Camp. Not sure who was responsible for the embroidery. 30 year anniversary. 2016

Painting of long time crew member Bob Dorman – By Jett Summers

Painted by Janice Sizemore .. originally used in the Wichita River Festival Sundown Parade with the Kansas Acoustic Arts Association float entry. It was used a couple of times as a back drop on Stage 5 in Winfield.

Painted Stage 5 stones (artist unknown) If you did these please let us know.

Relief carving by DeAnn Merry.

Our friend Jana Dale has made many buttons for us over the years … so many different pictures of the stage depicted on these buttons.

Another button maker MaryAnne Baker Lippincott, made crew buttons for us for several years.

Wooden Stage 5 picks made by Steve Barton.

Stage Five port barrel Aged – Central Standard Brewing 7.2 ABV

Art Farm – Skylar Tippit has made many many Stage 5 items including mountains of Stage 5 t-shirts, koozies, etc. 

You can now check out a page devoted to Stage 5 t-shirts and screen printed designs.  Just go to … Threads)

2019 Walnut Valley Poster .. Look, there … in the background ๐Ÿ™‚

2021 Walnut Valley Festival Poster … Is there something in the campfire smoke?

2021 Crew bag embroidered by Dee VanBoening of Chic-A-Dee Creations

2021 Wooden laser engraved keychain designed and made by Christy & Michael Chavez