Arthur “Art” Charlet,  Art was an integral part of Stage 5, he was father-in-law to Jim Nix whom Russell bought the truck from. Art loved camping at Stage 5 so much that he was the driving force in fabricating the metal walls, roof and monitor racks still used on Stage 5. Art loved talking to folks at the campsite and handing out Stage 5 guitar picks to all who stopped by to say hi.  With a cup of cold coffee in hand, loaded with sugar, a pair of overalls, and a cigarette Art could fix or fabricate about anything. 1946 – 2014

Robert “Bob” Dorman, Bob camped next door to Stage 5 and just decided that he wanted to be a part of the stage crew. So he did. Bob was the sound tech guy, he had at his disposal mountains of audio equipment and for a few years he brought it … all. Bob and Russell designed the audio system that is still in use today .. 2 Audio Technica 4033 microphones, a 3 zoned (front, middle, back) JBL PA/speaker system, no monitors, no speaker delays. Bob would spend hours running the stage making sure bands had everything they needed and getting them on and off stage making sure the mics were in the right place, making sure that the trash got picked up. He loved to be in on planning sessions and picking sessions. How to make Stage 5 better .. was always on his mind. 1950 – 2016

This tribute was painted by Jette Summers.

We miss Art & Bob more every year .. may they Rest In Peace.