2021 COVID-19 Safety Protocols

      Stage 5 is ecstatic to be back in Winfield and back in the Pecan Grove. Two years is way to long to miss our favorite vacation spot. That being said,  unfortunately the fight to return to a pre-covid realization continues. 

So for safety’s sake and the health and wellbeing of everyone, Stage 5 is implementing the following safety guidelines:

Stage 5 COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  • We encourage everyone in attendance at Stage 5 including bands to be vaccinated. Vaccinations are available through the Cowley County Health Department at their location at the south entrance of the grandstand area.
  • We will provide disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers in the backstage area.
  • We will provide separated warm-up areas for bands.
  • We will encourage the audience to social distant and wear masks as they feel the need.
  • We will control the number of people in the backstage area. Limited to band members only. Please make arrangements for children, spouses, friends, roadies and fans to stay in the audience area.
  • We will wipe down warm-ups areas in-between bands.
  • Bands need to show up no more than 15 minutes before time to take the stage. So that we can have time sanitize the area before they arrive
  • Bands need to leave the backstage area as soon as possible after done playing, so that we have time to sanitize the warm-up area for the next band.
  • At Stage 5 we will do our best to keep the warm-up areas as clean and as sanitized as possible for bands.
  • We also encourage everyone to be safe, make good choices, make great music and have tons of fun!!!