Stick It

Who doesn’t love stickers? At Stage 5 we love stickers! Here are some that we have had over the years. We would love to trade stickers with you .. bring us what you got :).

Seen on a camper window in 2022.

The 1st “Stage 5 Motel … more than just a one mic stand.” sticker … 2013

2021 Stage 5 sticker … this has become the official mark of Stage 5.

Stickers for Stage 5’s 35th year …

and in 2022 .. just for fun …

This sticker was designed by Russell after looking for National Parks to visit. Although it is not an official Stage 5 sticker it was sure fun to pass around and hear the comments when folks read what it said.

A kick back from an earlier sticker .. opposite color configuration. The first time I (Russell) heard this phrase was from Bill Hoy. He always took credit for the slogan .. Bill passed IN 2022. After showing this design idea to Craig Barber he informed me that he and Bill were together when this phrase was coined and Bill was not the originator of the slogan. Bill never corrected me when I said he was the one that coined the phrase. We miss Bill at Stage 5 and Craig and I decided that it would still be a great tribute to Bill. “Stage 5 Motel … More Than Just A One Mic Stand.” Craig Barber