It’s A Wrap

It is almost over for this year … except for packing up and going home … a little dose of reality.  It’s a little sad every year on Saturday night (Sunday Morning) when you know that the festival is about over for this year.  So I for one would like to extend a huge great big THANK YOU to the city of Winfield, Kansas and to the Walnut Valley Association for hosting such an extraordinary festival.  This city and these fairgrounds are so special to so many musicians and lovers of music.  We converge here every year to celebrate life and to sing a few songs .. to spend a little time with friends and with family .. and hopefully leave some good vibrations on this spot in Cowley County .. in Kansas .. in a little city call Winfield.

This will be the last time I post here until I get home .. So safe journeys my friends and we will see you all back here next year.

Peace – Love – Music                              Stage 5

We are in the home stretch …

It’s Saturday in the Pecan Grove and there is tons happening here today .. all over the festival grounds .. but the Stage 5 line up for tonight is stellar .. don’t miss a single minute.  Today is a celebration of acoustic music from around the world and there is no better place to celebrate that in Winfield, Kansas at the Walnut Valley Festival.

Have fun today and be kind to your neighbors!!!

What a Friday!!

It has been an amazing day .. the music has been going strong since 11AM.  There was a full house for Truckstop Honeymoon, The Good Question Band put on an amazing show, followed by Dear Freinds opening up for the  Byron Berline Band with Barry “Bones” Patton, who was duly married Stage 5 style to the love of his life, Rene.  Nikki Moddelmog provided the first dance with Crazy Love.  Loaded Goat, Kenny Cornell and the Grassholes and a host of other fantastic bands played their finest shows to adoring and appreciative audiences.  And tomorrow is Saturday …

Shifting into high gear

This morning at 11 AM we shifted into high gear here at Stage 5 with nonstop bands all day through 1:30 AM.  Every 30 minutes a new band and we have already had to use the stand by list twice today.  It’s almost 5 PM and we have already had some amazing talent on stage and tons more to come.  Stop by and hear some of the campgrounds finest pickers and singers.  Bring your lawn chair or a blanket and sit and enjoy awhile.  Be sure to check the schedule either on the Stage 5 Facebook page, this blog spot …, the Voice or on the fence outside the stage.  Have fun, keep an eye to the sky and be kind to your neighbors.