How Time Flies …

There’s a tremendous amount of dedication, planning, work and execution that goes into making a campground stage happen and run like clockwork,  and when you hit a milestone it should be celebrated.  This is exactly the reason I want to spend a little time today NOT talking about Stage 5 but instead … Stage 7.

This year Stage 7 marks their 15th year of providing a place where Walnut Valley attendees can showcase their craft.  When beginning an endeavor like a campground stage you really never know where or what it will lead to, but you do it for fun, you do it because there is a need, you do it because of your love for the music and the musicians.

You go through lots of growing pains ..  year after year when the festival is over this question always comes back to you .. How can we make it better?  Then one day you turn around and you have been .. doing better for fifteen years!!  It’s hard work, and long days and nights, and some of the most enjoyable times of your life … because you are doing it for all the right reasons!!!

So this year when you are trekking through the Pecan Grove and you happen across Stage 7 be sure to stop and tell them thanks for all their hard work and dedication over the years.  Be sure to wish them a Happy 15th Year and celebrate with them for a while. Congratulations Stage 7 ..  you guys rock!!!