Listening in …

I’m always humbled by the nice, unsolicited things folks say about the little niche that we carved out of the Pecan Grove.  The link below is written by Mark Foley from KMUW radio in Wichita, KS.  KMUW is the NPR affiliate in Wichita and Southcentral Kansas.  There is a really nice picture of Split Lip Rayfield in the article too.

Thank you Mark.

In other news of the day … Labor Day is always a staging day for us.  We move something to Winfield or closer to Winfield every year on Labor Day.  So this year we moved the old Chevy truck a little closer to the fair grounds (since our camper is already there) and parked it in the back forty of some friends property.  We arrived there with no problems and the new brakes worked perfectly, we are really excited for the final leg of the journey.  See everyone in a few days!!!!