Pecan Grove Memories

Just got home from the Cowley County Fairgrounds Pecan Grove where we spent the night picking and singing with friends.  Ran into some folks from the Comfortable Shoes Camp who shared some pictures from last year with us.  In 2011 I became aware that longtime Comfortable Shoes Camp member Moose had basically lost everything in the May 22nd 2011 Joplin, Missouri tornado.  Knowing that Moose was a collector of Stage 5 picks and other memorabilia, I took the opportunity to replace his complete collection last year (2012).  It was a small gesture on my part but Moose was overwhelmed … he cried … I cried, then we shook hands and laughed about how this collection must continue to grow. Wanted to share the pictures and a link to the Comfortable Shoes Camp web page … they have a lot of fun down there.