Stage 5 Schedule – Saturday 2015

Stage 5 Saturday

11:00 Max Fred Band
11:30 Tragic Prelude
NOON Shapiro Bros.
12:30 Whiskey For The Lady
1:00 Fistful of Nickels
1:30 Bus Company
2:00 Tequila Kim
2:30 Shoofly
3:00 Randy Sanders
3:30 Sugar Britches
4:00 Famous Seamus & the Travel Bongs
4:30 Raven & Shannon
5:00 Pasture Limit
5:30 Blue Pearl
6:00 Blue Ribbon Healers
6:30 Billy Palmer & the Winfield Ramblers
7:00 Tim & Jodi Harbin
7:30 Scenic Roots
8:00 The Vogts Sisters
8:30 The Ready Brothers
9:00 Betse & Clarke
9:30 The Radleys
10:00 Kacey Rausch
10:30 Signal Ridge
11:00 Loaded Goat
11:30 Klondike 5
MIDNIGHT Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy
12:30 The Steel Wheels
1:00 The Fairmounters
1:30 Thomas Trapp
2:00 The Night Travelers

Looking forward to next year 2016

2016 will mark 30 years for Stage 5.  It’s been a long and pleasurable musical journey. Even though there have been a few hiccups along the way, Stage 5 keeps rolling along and filling the Pecan Grove in Winfield at the Walnut Valley Festival with the sounds of some of the most talented “non-professional” musicians from around the country.  We have literally watched some of these bands progress from their first performance in front of an audience to becoming hired for the festival to play the main stages. (The Wilders, Scenic Roots, Nickel Creek just to mention a few.) It has been great to watch these bands progress in their musical careers .. from humble starts in the campground at Winfield.  There will undoubtably be more new beginnings and some bands that are well on their way to careers in acoustic music. As we watch the last two days of our 29th year unfold keep your eyes and ears open to the acoustic performers of tomorrow.

We are already planning for Stage 5’s 30th year .. so be sure to keep watching this page and our Facebook page for information, opportunities, plans, and surprises.

Above all .. we  offer our heartfelt thanks to all who have watched shows, offered help or played Stage 5.  We do it for you … but we couldn’t have done it without you.

The entire Stage 5 Crew

Stage 5 Schedule for Friday 2015

Stage 5 Friday

11:00 Sadies Strangers
11:30 Marta McKim
NOON Old Sound
12:30 Tom Lata
1:00 Ho’ Made Bluegrass Jam
1:30 Cowgirls Train Set
2:00 Robin Roberts & Billie Preston
2:30 Half Hour of Hank
3:00 Kite Camp Fliers
3:30 Patrick & Friends
4:00 L. A. Fatty
4:30 Hipbilly
5:00 New Franco – Americana
5:30 Lorie Jo & Yepper Boys
6:00 Flint Hills Echo Box
6:30 Land Rushmore
7:00 Bobulele All Stars
7:30 Dear Friends
8:00 Otter Creek
8:30 Red Sky Home
9:00 My Grass is Blue
9:30 The Parks Family
10:00 NICNOS
10:30 Mackie Redd
11:00 Kenny Cornell & the Grassholes
11:30 80 Proof Engine
MIDNIGHT DeWayn Brothers
12:30 Sunflower Colonels
1:00 Tornado Rose
1:30 JV’s Fillin’ Station
2:00 Calamity Cubes