Stage 5 Thursday 2015 Schedule

Stage 5 Thursday

11:00 Rudy & The Lost Boys
11:30 Melinda Moon Mullins
NOON Julion Davis
12:30 Sky Smeed
1:00 By The Grid
1:30 Noseeums
2:00 Thorp & McElroy
2:30 David Hakan
3:00 One Mule Band
3:30 Osage Stomp String Band
4:00 Ma’s Cookin Stove
4:30 All About Eddie
5:00 Haywire
5:30 Alicia Anderson
6:00 Spencer & Rains
6:30 Nate Diruzza & Steve Moore
7:00 Prairie Dusters
7:30 Dollars Taxes
8:00 Stitch Miller Band
8:30 Blue Root
9:00 Dalton City Limits
9:30 Good Question
10:00 Mischief Makers
10:30 Pastense
11:00 Band ID
11:30 Creek Heathens
MIDNIGHT 3 Trails West
12:30 Kansas City Hustle
1:00 The John Brown Boys
1:30 Them Pickless Fools
2:00 JR Soapboy

Movie night recap

Movie night was a huge success!  the whole crowd sang, jeered, cheered, recited lines and generally had a fantastic time.  After a little El Kabong and Bugs Bunny we settled in for the feature presentation .. O Brother, Where Art Thou.  Special thanks to Kirby Guinty and Mark Sheltgren for producing and setting up movie night. Also thanks to our talented neighbor Thomas Trapp for putting together a stellar band to close out the evening.

“Let’s go out to the lobby and get ourselves a treat”!

Tuesday in the Pecan Grove

It’s Tuesday morning in the Pecan Grove at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas and as of yesterday evening Stage 5 is ready to go for what looks to be another fantastic 29th year of acoustic music along the Walnut River.  For the third year now Tuesday evening means Golf Cart Drive-In Movie Night starting at dusk with some of your favorite cartoons, then settle in with us in our “living room” and enjoy a screening of our favorite movie.  “Cheer” the good guys, “boo” the bad guys, sing along with the songs and say the lines along with your favorite characters … it’s always a super fun evening! Don’t forget the popcorn.  Then bright and early (at 9 AM) Wednesday morning is sign up and then later in the evening we will host the Rat Camp Band Scramble Winners and some of the National Finger-style Guitar Championship contestants in a fantastic warm-up concert.  There will also be some open stage time following the Band Scramble winners.

In the Pecan Grove 2015

Yippieeee!!! we are finally in the Pecan Grove and ready to do that Stage 5 thing. Watch here for daily schedules and other fun stuff happening in the grove. Drop by the Stage 5 camp and say hi .. we are looking forward to seeing you again and reconnecting. Sign up is Wednesday morning @ 9 AM and movie night is Tuesday @ dusk.

Stage 5 schedule for SATURDAY 2014

Stage 5 schedule for SATURDAY Sept 20 2014

11:00 – Irrechordless
11:30 – Kim Reynolds
NOON – Kasey Rausch
12:30 – Comfortable Shoes Gang
1:00 – 3 Way Stop
1:30 – Mikal Shapiro
2:00 – The Radley’s & Friends
2:30 – Kissed By A Gypsy
3:00 – Krisanne Bradley
3:30 – MAW
4:00 – Ryan Windham
4:30 – Landrushmore
5:00 – Bluegrass Gypsies
5:30 – Monzie Leo & the Big Sky
6:00 – Billy Palmer
6:30 – Squirrel’s Nest
7:00 – KBA Treblemakers
7:30 – Thunder & Rain
8:00 – Scenic Roots
8:30 – Pop & The Boys
9:00 – Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy
9:30 – Back Porch Buddha
10:00 – DeWayn Brothers
10:30 – Loaded Goat
11:00 – Tornado Rose
11:30 – Lonesome Traveler
Midnight – Thomas Trapp
12:30 – Cherokee Maidens/Sycamore Swing
1:00 – Piper Leigh & The Smoking Secftion
1:30 – The Fairmounters
2:00 – Kissinger Brothers